To make Cyprus into one of the leading countries in the region in the field of cybersecurity, to protect the critical information infrastructure of the state, businesses and society in general, and to create an appropriate and attractive environment for economic development and the promotion of services in which Cyprus holds a leading position worldwide, including, among others, merchant shipping and financial services.


The Digital Security Authority seeks to protect the critical information infrastructure of the state and the proper operation of the communications and IT technologies in the country with the required security levels for the benefit of each user, the public, the economy and the country in general, having as basic objectives the following:

  • the institutionalisation and implementation of a transparent legislative and regulatory framework in cooperation with all relevant state agencies and stakeholders,
  • the development of trust among all involved stakeholders (with regard to the preparation, protection, identification and response to events), for physical security, information and communications security, and hardware and software security, to the necessary extent,
  • the development of the necessary capabilities in organizations and enterprises as well as state services on cybersecurity issues, and the creation or adaptation of the necessary structures and mechanisms by all stakeholders to ensure that they meet the requirements and build capabilities to respond directly to cyber incidents and crises
  • the effective cooperation between relevant public and private sector actors, both nationally and internationally,
  • promoting research and innovation so that the state can respond to rapidly evolving cyber threats to a satisfactory degree, and to developments in the field of cybersecurity, to upgrade the security of critical sectors of the Republic of Cyprus.