12 Mar 2024

The Cyber Security in Telecommunications Conference was held on 12/03/2024, co-organised by the Digital Security Authority, the Cyprus Computer Society and the British High Commission, with great success.

08 Jun 2023

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on the 7th of June 2023 in Belgrade, Serbia, between the Commissioner of Communications, Mr. George Michaelides, who represented both the Digital Security Authority (“DSA) and the Office of the Commissioner for Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation (“OCECPR”) of the Republic of Cyprus on the one hand and Mr. Dragan Pejović, Director of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (“RATEL”) and the National Centre for the Prevention of Security Risks in Information and Communication Systems (“SRB-CERT”) of the Republic of Serbia, on the other.

14 Dec 2022

The Digital Security Authority (DSA), the Shipping Deputy Ministry, with the support of Sandia National Laboratories’ Center and Open University of Cyprus, organized a regional two-day workshop at the CYCLOPS Training Center in Larnaca, with the scope to increase cybersecurity awareness and enhance cyber competencies in the maritime domain.

11 Oct 2022

The NCC project aims at developing the National Cybersecurity Coordination Centre of the Republic of Cyprus and enhancing its ability to accomplish its mission and objectives.

30 Aug 2022

We are pleased to announce that the N4CY project proposal concerning the development of the National Coordination Centre of Cyprus (NCCC-CY) was approved by the European Commission, securing EU co-financing for the project.

14 Jun 2022

The Digital Security Authority (together with OCECPR and the Department of Electronic Communications) is participating in the World Telecommunications Development Confernce (WTDC) of the International Telecommunication Union, representing the Republic of Cyprus in Kigali, Republic of Rwanda, 6-16 June 2022.

09 May 2022

The Digital Security Authority has been evaluated positively by the European Commission, for the ability to manage European co-funding.