commissioner 1 600x521Dear fellow citizens,

On behalf of the Digital Security Authority, I welcome you to our new website.  The Digital Security Authority is a newly established organisation, which has assumed extremely important responsibilities in relation to the hyper-connected world in which we all live today.

Information and communication technologies have become pervasive in all aspects of our daily lives, whether we are direct users via mobile devices and computers, or as indirect users via a plethora of other devices and infrastructures.  The information systems that we use as indirect users can now be found everywhere, and in almost all of our daily activities – from the large number of connected devices in our homes (TVs, alarm systems, air conditioners, etc.), to national critical infrastructures from which we enjoy the use of vitally important services: electrical energy, water, transport, communications, health, banking, etc.

We must, as a state, understand the importance of digital technologies in our society, and act decisively for the appropriate protection of these technologies and infrastructures, so that our emerging digital economy can continue to build strong foundations and develop.  Towards this end, we have recognised the key components of a holistic approach to security in cyberspace, which permeates the operation of the Digital Security Authority, and directs our activities.

First, we must target Security For All – critical information infrastructures, the state, businesses of all types (including small and medium enterprises), and even citizens themselves.  Security For All is a necessary prerequisite to achieve our goals and to reap the many rewards of the digital economy.

Second, it must be understood by all stakeholders that security is a team sport.  Cooperation is necessary at all levels – between businesses, between critical information infrastructure operators, between authorities on the national, European and international levels.  Without effective cooperation on these levels, on a foundation of real trust between the stakeholders involved, we will not be ready to face serious incidents in cyberspace.

Third, protection and further development becomes very important – we must strengthen critical areas of our economy even further, especially in those in which Cyprus ranks highly on a global scale, such as merchant shipping and international financial services.

Fourth, cybersecurity is characterised by rapid developments on an almost daily basis.  The various threats in cyberspace are continually on the rise, both in volume and complexity, and as such our approach needs to be proportional.  At the Digital Security Authority, our approach can be summarised very simply: Think Big, Start Small and Scale Fast.

Finally, I would like to emphasise that the Digital Security Authority is open to all types of collaboration, that aim towards the achievement of our goals and the establishment of a secure digital environment for every citizen of Cyprus.


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