The NCC project aims at developing the National Cybersecurity Coordination Centre of the Republic of Cyprus and enhancing its ability to accomplish its mission and objectives.

Following official appointment by the Council of Ministers, the Digital Security Authority (“DSA”) will coordinate the National Cybersecurity Coordination Centre of the Republic of Cyprus (“NCC”) in collaboration with the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF), which will lead activities relating to financial support to third parties and the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy (DMRID) will contribute as an Associated Partner. The Council of Ministers of Cyprus established the NCC Council which defines the strategic policy framework for the NCC. The President of the NCC Council is the Permanent Secretary of The Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy. Key stakeholders in Cyprus expressed their interest and support of the project, which includes activities such as setting up the necessary processes and capabilities to act as NCC, designing calls for proposals to handle available cascading funds, establishing procedures for the community members, contributing to education and awareness activities and promoting strong networking outside borders of the NCC.

The project objectives and implementation are in line with the implementation of the Cybersecurity Strategy of the Republic of Cyprus, and the project will greatly assist the NCC to be in a position to contribute well to the relevant European efforts in this area. The government of Cyprus has adopted decisions to ensure the sustainability of the NCC, through the co-financing of future calls for proposals to be announced by the NCC and by supporting complementary actions besides those planned in the scope of this project. Finally, the project has a 24-month duration, and it has been designed to meet its objectives and provide Cyprus with a capable and well-developed National Coordination Centre.