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Review of the list of critical information infrastructures in the Republic of Cyprus

The DSA, as part of its activities to implement the NIS (Network and Information Security) Directive in the Republic of Cyprus, has begun the process of reviewing the list of critical information infrastructures in Cyprus.  This process is an update of the previous criticality assessment that was completed in November 2018.  At completion of this project, the DSA is under the obligation to notify the anonymised results of the assessment to the relevant competent bodies of the European Union.  The assessment is conducted based on a defined national identification and criticality assessment methodology for critical operators, taking into account the importance of their operations and of the services that they offer, as well as recommendations from relevant governmental authorities.  The main aim is the correct identification of such critical operators, both in the public and private sectors, so that they can take appropriate technical and organistional security measures to ensure the uninterrupted and secure provision of the services that they offer to the Cypriot society and economy.


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